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For more than 100 years, Strategic Insurance Partners has been providing companies with asset protection that fits their needs. With firm backing and support from a cohesive team, we take a consultative approach to assessing a company’s risk profile to ensure the right amount of coverage. Our management and representatives have developed an atmosphere of trust over the years, which has enabled deeply-valued and longstanding relationships with our clients.

Our focus is the same as yours: your company. On a normal day, managing your company requires a great deal of insight into your customers’ needs, controlling your cash flow, marketing objectives, quality assurance, and a myriad of other concerns that keep executives busy. When there’s an unforeseen disruption of your operations, your company’s focus is suddenly on resolving that situation as cost-effectively as possible. Our job is to identify those pressure points before they derail your operations and help you devise plans that maximize protection of your budget, your workflow, and your company’s future.

Rather than having you fill out a form on a website, we learn about you by showing up in person, having a conversation, and observing. We ask questions based on our effective decades of service, and we get to know your company from the inside out. A seasoned SIP executive is always closely involved with this assessment, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.

We pride ourselves on this personalized service that allows our clients to enjoy a professionally designed insurance portfolio coupled with transfer mechanisms. This flexibility of service enables maximum protection of your assets while minimizing expenditure for your insurance program.

With solid values of integrity and respect -- both for colleagues and clients, Strategic Insurance Partners aims to support your need for stability. From that firm, protected foundation, you’re more able to focus on delivering the best possible service for your clients.

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