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Protection and Assurance for your Employees

Business insurance is not only important in protecting your company, but it is also critical in protecting the health, wellness, and financial well-being of employees should an unfortunate incident occur. Providing coverage like workers’ compensation is required for most employers. Other insurance plans like group health insurance and group disability coverage can help employers better recruit and retain employees.

SIP Risk assists employers in addressing the requirements and needs of employees with the following programs:

  • Workers’ Compensation – This insurance protects employees should they be injured in the performance of work-related duties. This can include everything from straining their backs while loading a truck to being injured in a car accident while delivering products. It not only helps employees with their injury-related medical expenses but will also help them replace lost income while missing work. Not providing workers’ compensation could lead to lawsuits, as it is a requirement for businesses in most states. SIP Risk can help ensure that any company in the New York and New Jersey area is properly covered.
  • Group Medical Insurance – The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that some companies provide group health insurance coverage for their employees. However, even if your company is not required to offer it, making it available on some level to your employees can be a significant recruiting and retention tool. Talk to SIP Risk to see how we can help you with a group health insurance plan that can be beneficial to both your company and its employees.
  • Group Disability Insurance – Disability insurance helps to provide income for your employees should they experience a short- or long-term disability that prevents them from working. There are a variety of group disability insurance plans that SIP Risk offers, giving you the flexibility to choose a plan that is affordable for your company and its employees.

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Recruiting and retaining quality, experienced employees is paramount for business success. Protect your organization’s most valuable assets with business risk insurance that covers your employees, from SIP Risk. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote.